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Wallingford Connecticut
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Registrar of Voters

45 South Main Street, Room #211
(203) 294-2125
Email:  regvoters@wallingfordct.gov
     Office Hours:  Mon thru Fri, 9 am - 5 pm

Registrars:  Barbara Kapi
                        Chester Miller

The Office of the Registrar of Voters provides services to the residents of the Town of Wallingford.
Some of these services are:

1. Voter Registration; Enrollment Registration

  • Occasional special sessions on Saturdays and evenings.
  • Process and acknowledge mail-in, in-person and online registrations.
  • Provide cross-town registration, as well as other states..
  • Registrars available Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., to register voters.
  • Special sessions at other field locations such as high schools, public and private locations.
  • Witness signing of absentee ballots at area nursing homes.
  • Use these links to get Voter Registration forms through the Secretary of the State's website:
  • For other on-line voter forms, visit the Secretary of the State's website.

2. Voter Information:

  • Service to residents regarding questions pertaining to elections, primaries and other state laws.
  • Service to residents as to registration status, party affiliation and polling place. 
  • Service to candidates by providing voter lists and information regarding their constituents.
  • Voter Registration Lookup - Verify voter registration/Find your polling place
  • Information on Election Day Registration

3. Voter Lists:

  • Annual mailing regarding change of address notification from Post Office.
  • Available to all candidates.
  • Daily updating voter lists.
  • Maintenance of alphabetical card files of all voters.
  • Maintenance of voting lists for each district.
  • Up-to-date computerized information.
  • Weekly change of address or removal from rolls per list provided by DMV.

4. Voting Machines:

  • Maintenance and storage of voting machines.
  • Responsibility to provide sufficient privacy booths and pre-tested machine for each poll.
  • Responsibility to acquire competent machine mechanics to inspect and prepare tabulators for voting.

5. Elections and Primaries:

  • Hiring and instruction of all official poll workers.
  • Installation of telephones at each polling area.
  • Notify all affected voters of any change in their polling place.
  • Prepare spare machines for each voting event.
  • Selection of polling areas.
  • Testing and sealing of all tabulators.

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